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Work and leisure may have taken you around the world and back. But you are, perhaps, not one for merely ticking off a wish list of ‘1001 places to see’.

You seek unique experiences. Something that’s authentic. One hundred percent meaningful. You believe that every holiday ought to touch you, transform you, and make you better for the wear.

Visit the palaces of Rajasthan in India.
Birdwatch in the wild-reserves of Bandhavgarh, India.

We are ready for you.

Silk Route Escapes is a luxury experiential travel company. We create bespoke holidays to India for globetrotters like you. Our journeys take you on a soul-searching experience, helping you discover, understand and connect deeply with the real India. And with the real you.

We do everything we can to help you see one of the oldest cultures in the world, in an all-new light. We handpick off-the-course luxury boutique hotels, ride scores of elephants before picking your ride and sit through countless recitals before choosing the one that moved us the most.

Will this be an experience that’ll enrich you (in every sense)? You bet!

So, what do you want?

We believe that each traveler sets out on his own quest (and in this day and age, on a ticking timer). We also understand you like a hassle-free trip, where every detail is taken care of.

That’s where we come in. Go on and tell us what you want from India, and we’ll come back to you with an itinerary most suited to you.

You can always explore our itineraries by destination or your interests.

Can’t really make up your mind? Then take our quiz. It’s a great place to get started, and discover what your heart wants.

Visit the lakes of Kashmir, India.

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Visit the backwaters of Kerala, India. Visit the backwaters of Kerala, India.


Visit the tea-gardens of Tamil Nadu, India. Visit the tea-gardens of Tamil Nadu, India.


Visit the Himalayan mountains. Visit the Himalayan mountains.


Explore the forts of Rajasthan. Explore the forts of Rajasthan.


Visit the ruins of Hampi in Karnataka, India. Visit the ruins of Hampi in Karnataka, India.

Travel by Interest

Here, there and everywhere. You’d like to visit every corner of India. Take our quiz, and leave the planning to us. We will curate your travel plan for you.

Visit the Kumbh Mela.
Explore Varanasi.

We give back too.

At Silk Route Escapes, we are passionate about preserving local culture, arts, communities and ecosystems. Part of the proceeds from your travels goes into sustaining local art, culture, and communities. And that’s just a start. Our travelers have taught at an orphanage, learnt hunting and cooking rituals from tribals, farmed in paddy fields, and worked with rescued elephants. They’ve even got backstage passes to an all-women kathakali troupe.

In addition to this, we’ve built Kayal, a 4-room Nat-Geo rated hotel in the backwaters of Kerala. Designed in the local architectural style, we set the stage for local artists and artisans here. Our staff is local and we are always doing things that blur the lines between the wanderer and the native.

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I’m quite optimistic the world will be ready to travel again, and with more fervour, mind you

Say hello to your guide!

Our founder, Maneesha Panicker, hails from India, and has traveled extensively across the country – whether accompanying her politician father on campaign trails, or taking theater workshops in remote Indian villages.

She went on to study, work and live in New York. She is, in every sense of the word, a global citizen.

She is currently based out of Kochi, a sea-side town in Kerala, India. Silk Route reflects her curious spirit. She knows India well, and delivers it to you like an insider.

Call us at +91 77360 00989 or email us to book a journey and embark on your adventure.

Meet Maneesha Panicker, founder of Silk Route Escapes.

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